Compost Box Materials

Compost boxes can be made out of anything that is available on hand such as old pallets, bricks, spare lumber, and so on. Even bales of hay can be used to make a compost box ad it is, in fact, better because the hay will ultimately turn into compost.

Compost bins come in various forms and compost boxes are one of them. There are a wide variety of sizes and sizes. Although commercially, compost box making is a thriving business, most of the compost boxes can be made at home.

Compost boxes are basically boxes with three sides with no bottom or top cover. If necessary, a front that is easily opened may be used. Most of the commercial boxes are compact and are not available in huge sizes but a homemade compost box can be made as large as you wish. Three feet wide, high and deep compost boxes are ideal for efficient composting.

Three different boxes are better. The first compost box can be used to gather the material needed for composting, the second for the first turning, and the third for the second turning. Compost can be transferred from second to third and back again through which more air is added to the mixture to speed up the process.

If the contents are chopped into smaller pieces, compost will be made faster. Maintaining optimal temperature is also ideal for compost. Making use of compost is the first step toward maintaining a good organic garden.

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