Compost Pile Maintenance Tips

A healthy garden needs rich compost to enrich the soil with nutrients that have been used throughout the year. To make your own compost pile, the best time to start is during the fall periods when plenty of leaves form the compost pile base.

It is advisable to make the compost pile nearer to the place where the compost is going to be used. The compost pile should be made in an open ground where all the microbes and organisms involved in the activity can easily access the compost and make the compost quicker and easier. More importantly, the compost pile should be layered.

Huge masses of one type of compost matter should be placed and then another type should be placed so that different types of compost piles provide different nutrients and textures to the heap. Vegetable peelings, followed by some grass clippings, then shredded cards are good layers of the compost pile.

The ingredients in a compost pile are better accepted when they are chopped and put into smaller pieces. Organic materials like meat, eggs, and dairy products should be avoided.

A good compost pile should have a balance of materials, for instance, a one to three ratio of brown to green material will help to enhance the decomposition process.

If the compost pile is kept in a structure, it can minimize the space needed. Compost piles, if kept in a shady part of the garden, will help to retain the moisture which is very essential for rich compost.

Instead of using chemical fertilizers, homemade compost from compost piles is easy and cost-effective. It is also a small contribution towards better earth to live in.

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